Urgent Action! Get Taz a cell mate!

Image description: A young woman with pale skin, has dark brown hair in a ponytail resting on her left shoulder. She wears dark rimmed glasses and is smiling. She wears a grey sweatshirt with a small Nike logo. A green and yellow budgie sits on her left shoulder.

Text: Taz was given an indefinite sentence (an IPP) when she was only fifteen. She is now 27 years old. Taz wants a cellmate but the prison aren’t listening to her. People incarcerated at Foston Hall are spending a lot of time locked in their cells. Taz says this is really damaging to her mental health and that it will help her manage her self harm if she has a cell mate. In addition, being moved to a double cell is an opportunity to impress the Parole Board (who will determine if she will be released) by demonstrating social skills.

Please call/write to the Governor of HMP Foston Hall referencing Neurika “Taz” Baguley A3846AG and ask for Taz to be allocated a cell-mate!

Governor: Andrea Black

Telephone: 01283 584300

Address: HMP / YOI Foston Hall, Foston, Derby, Derbyshire DE65 5DN

Please write to Smash-IPP@riseup.net or tweet or Facebook us so that we know people are responding and fighting for Taz ✊✊✊

@SmashIPP #SmashIPP #FckHMP