Action Alert: Get Carrie to HMP Foston Hall

carrie1Carrie Duxberry is an IPP prisoner. Her tariff to serve before her first parole was 2 years. She is now into her 7th year inside with 3 parole rejections behind her and another coming up in 2017. Click here to read about Carrie’s experiences as an IPP prisoner.

Carrie is trying to get into HMP Foston Hall to complete a personality disorder course called CAMEO. She has been accepted on the course but operationally the prison will not let her in, for various reasons that hold no real reason to deny her into the prison.

The CAMEO course is all she has left to do on her sentence plan. Without completing this course she cannot get out. She has had people within the prison system fighting her corner for 2 years to no avail. Please help in any way you can to get Carrie into HMP Foston Hall, then out of this hell she is living in.

What you can do:

  • Please write or email HMP Foston Hall. We have created a template you can find below. We recommend you put this into your own words if possible. Please let Smash IPP know if you’ve written to them so we know people are responding and fighting for Carrie.
  • Please call the Prison and request to speak to the Governor (Carl Davies) about why Carrie has been denied a transfer to HMP Foston Hall and when they will enable her to move there to complete the CAMEO course. Tel: 01283 584300
  • Write to Carrie! Send her your strength and solidarity. Stamps, stationary and money are always welcome. Don’t know what to write about? Click here to read more about writing to prisoners. Carrie is passionate about writing, literature, music (mainly rock) and is writing a fantasy novel at present.

Carrie’s details: Carrie Duxberry A5386AW
HMP Peterborough, Saville Rd, Peterborough PE3 7PD

Letter & Email Template:

HMP & YOI Foston Hall
DE65 5DN
Tel: 01283 584300
Fax: 01283 584301

Dear Carl Davies,

I am writing with concern about prisoner Carrie Duxberry A5386AW who is currently in HMP Peterborough.

She has been accepted to do the CAMEO course, however, your establishment repeatedly refuses her a place at HMP Foston Hall. This is having serious consequences for Carrie’s mental health and progression in her sentence. She is unable to complete her sentence plan without participating in the CAMEO program. She is serving an indeterminate sentence and denying her access to the program is effectively denying her progression and ultimate release.

I ask with urgency for you to allow Carrie a place at HMP Foston Hall and look forward to your written response confirming her acceptance at HMP Foston Hall.

Yours sincerely,

Your name