Smash IPP and the Week of Action

Smash IPP recently participated in a week of action against the North Wales Prison and the Prison Industrial Complex.

In Cardiff on Monday the 2nd of November Smash IPP hosted a day of action. It began with leafleting and music at Cardiff Queen Street. Local people were shocked to learn about IPP sentances and that almost 5000 people are still locked up under a law that doesen’t exist any longer.

The demonstration then moved on to the Cardiff Probation office. The probation office was targeted due to the fact that it is the probation officers that make the desicions over IPP prisoner’s life, wheather they are kept in cages or able to be united with their loved ones and released back into their communities. Probation Officers make decisions everyday about whether IPP prisoners are granted parole or condemned to more and more time in prison. Smash IPP would encourage groups to have a presence outside their local probation office to keep the pressure on those decision makers.

The local Police followed the protesters across Cardiff and stood outside the Cafe where people where people were having a cuppa and they were there untill everyone had left. After loosing the police some of the crew invaded Faithful and Gould’s office in Cardiff – making nose, displaying a banner and sharing leaflets about the horrific North Wales Prison project that the company is involved in.

Over the course of the week Smash IPP held stalls at various Prisons during visiting times including HMP Oakwood, HMPYOI Swinfen Hall, HMP Featherstone, HMP Birmingham, HMP Manchester (Strangeways where protests had broken out in September). We linked up with people that had loved ones in prison on IPP including one man that had been in prison for 12 years on a tariff of just 2 years. His teenage son had never had a night home with his dad.

Smash IPP hope to link up with the loved ones of IPP prisoners and suppourt each other in fighting against this cruel and inhumane punishment – of the prospect of never having a release date from prison.