Protest for IPP Prisoners

When? 16 September at 12:30

Where? Starts at 12 Minshull Street, Manchester (Probation Office)

Protest for Ian Hartley and all remaining IPPs

The protest march will be on the 16th of September starting at 12:30 sharp at 12 Minshull St, Manchester M1 3FR (Probation Office).

This march is to get IPP sentences abolished retrospectively. The government have said it’s wrong, yet 4000 prisoners still remain, including Ian Hartley, a prisoner at HMP Risley. His family need him home!

More information about IPP’s here:

Why Ian needs us to take action:

Ian has a parole hearing coming up in November. Despite him finding a place at a rehab through his area’s social services, the parole board have been hostile to him going there, although he’s already been in Cat D (Open Prison – the next step is release). But Ian needs rehab on the outside. Research shows that Cat D prisons are not appropriate for people in recovery – they are well known to be saturated with drugs.

Life in prison is taking its toll on Ian – without his partner and family’s support, he says he wouldn’t be alive. Click here to read Ian’s letter:

Ian needs us to act NOW!