Please write to Taylor today!

Taylor (Claire Taylor) is an IPP prisoner at HMP Send. Smash IPP put up an action alert back in May calling for support: /action-alert-support-claire/

They recently got a two-year knock-back on their parole, which means at least another two-years in prison after serving 10 years and more than 6 years more than their original tarrif.

They are acutely suicidal and tried to take their own life by cutting their own throat two days ago. The following day they got into a small fight on the wing and were nicked for assault. They have been given 10 days locked behind their door. (This particular prison doesn’t have a segregation unit so prisoners are locked in their cells instead). It is the anniversary of their mother’s death and they are also struggling with grief as well as the upset about parole.

This IPP sentence is literally killing people and driving them to insanity. Please write to Taylor TODAY to help them get through the next period of isolation.

Any card will mean the world.

Their address is: Claire Taylor A7974AX, HMP Send, Ripley, Woking GU23 7LJ

You can also email them via the email a prisoner service:

They love animals, rescued dogs, especially staffies. They are trans and love the sea.

For more about their background and case see: /action-alert-support-claire/