Emergency IPP Demo in Cardiff this Saturday – Free Kiya Smith

kiyaCardiff man Kiya Smith, has been in prison since he was 17 years old. As an
IPP prisoner 3 years over tariff he has missed out on seeing his daughter
growing up. At the moment he is in inhumane solitary confinement in a Cat
A prison in Durham. Having suffered abuse at the hands of the prison guards
he is now staging a dirty protest in his desperation to be moved to a
prison where he has some chance of doing the courses necessary to be freed
as is mandatory for IPP prisoners.

This man, put into prison as a teenager has had his youth and his
daughter?s childhood stolen away from him ? and over what? Over a mobile
phone and £7 pounds. Ripping this family apart is the real crime here, and
subjecting this man to the mental torture of no release date. We stand in
solidarity with him and will not stop until our demands are met.

Free Kiya Smith! His family need him home!


An IPP is an Indeterminate sentence for Public Protection. Introduced in
2005, these sentences have no given release date. Under this legislation,
people would be sentenced to an initial tariff (minimum time that must be
served) and, after that point, their release is to be decided upon by the
parole boards.

Over the years, prison and parole systems have systematically failed to
provide all of these short-tariff prisoners with access to the
rehabilitative programmes required to demonstrate their suitability for
release, and in 2012 IPPs were abolished as unmanagable. However, this was
not enforced retrospectively, leaving thousands of people in prison with no
release date, under a law which no longer exists.

As of June 2016, there were 4133 people still in prison serving IPPs, four
out of five of them having already passed their tariff expiry dates. For
more than a quarter, they’ve been detained more than 5 years beyond their
tariff, for almost a 150 people, between 8 and 10 years over their given

The IPP sentence is a death sentence through the back door.

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