Call for contributions to Smash IPP publication about IPP Prisoners

This autumn, the Smash IPP collective are calling out for submissions for a new publication about the harm of indeterminate sentences for public protection. We want to publish the words of IPP prisoners and their partners, families and friends.

We are asking anyone that has been affected by these sentences to write about their experiences through letters, articles, poems, and drawings. How has this sentence affected your life? How do you feel?

We want to create a zine that can move, anger and ignite increased resistance to IPP sentences in the UK. The publication will become a resource for people fighting to free the remaining IPP prisoners.

Deadline: 1st December 2016

Please send your submissions to Smash IPP c/o Liverpool Social Centre , Basement 96 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4HY.

You can also email your submissions to

If you are not a confident writer, Smash IPP are happy to support you. We can also undertake interviews if easier. Thanks again in advance.

Until All Are Free

Smash IPP Campaign, October 2016