ACTION UPDATE : Stop writing to the Governor but keep writing to Taylor



[Image descriptions: first image: on top of a trans flag is a photo of Taylor. Above the photo it says:

UPDATE: Taylor thanks everyone for writing to the governor about his hernia – once he’s settled in a prison he says this will get sorted. Please stop writing to the governor but keep writing to Taylor 😊

the second image also has a picture of Taylor over a trans flag. Above the image is text that says:

Write to Taylor!

Taylor is a trans prisoner on an indefinite IPP (imprisonment for public protection) sentence. His minimum tariff to serve was 4 years – he is now in his 11th year, waiting on a parole board hearing that is endlessly deferred. It’s excruciating and often feels hopeless. He has recently been transferred back to prison from a psychiatric hospital. Please support Taylor and his friends in continuing this fight. We won’t stop until Taylor is living by the seaside, fostering animals, as he dreams of doing.

Below the image it says:

It is unlikely Taylor will be able to reply, but please write to him and tell him you are thinking of him, it will mean the world to him!
Claire Taylor A7974AX
HMP Eastwood Park
GL12 8DB ]