Action Alert: Support Claire Taylor!

About: Claire Taylor (Taylor) is an IPP prisoner. Their tariff to serve before their first parole was 4 years. They are now into their 9th year inside. Taylor got sent down for aggravated burglary, a day they deeply regret. Driven by an intense drug addiction, which followed years of child abuse and body and gender dysmorphia, Taylor has now served over double their tariff.

The long-term imprisonment with no end-date has slowly destroyed Taylor’s mental health. They have attempted suicide multiple times, including slitting their own throat. The only support that they had from her family, was from their biological grandparents, who have both died on this sentence. The grief and lack of support have affected Taylor deeply, as they struggle to stay alive.

During their sentence, they have had inconsistent communication from her Probation Officers and the Parole Board. They were told they needed a year of one-to-one psychotherapy before release. After being on a waiting list for more than 18 months, they finally began therapy in HMP Holloway. Soon after the Government announced its closure and once again, they were moved to another prison and was back on the waiting list. They have now been having therapy in HMP Send and outside probation indicated they would recommend they for release in 12 months following her next parole board hearing.

Taylor was then subjected to a psychiatric assessment that intensively interrogated them and made them disclose in detail their history of abuse and neglect. It was then recommended, instead of freedom where they could finally grieve and heal from the state violence they have experienced, that they have to complete even more courses that have been added to their sentence plan. If they do them, this would mean at least another four years in prison.

The prison service fails to recognise that these IPP sentences are what are driving people to self-harm, suicide and ultimately, to ‘madness’

What You Can Do

Taylor desperately needs support to simply stay alive and not persistently try to take their own life. They need connection, friendship, and solidarity.

Please write to Taylor:

Claire Taylor A7974AX
HMP Send, Ripley Rd, Ripley, Woking GU23 7LJ

Send stamps: You can send stamps directly to Taylor.

Send money: To send money you can use the service here:

Don’t know what to write about? Click here to read more about writing to prisoners. Click here to read more about writing to prisoners.

Taylor loves animals. They used to rescue dogs on the out, and especially loves staffies. They love the ocean and grew up by the sea. They also love tattoos and piercings. They are trans and welcome any queer penpals too! Please take 5 minutes of your time to write them a card to tell her them they are not alone. You have no idea what this will mean to them.

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