Action Alert: IPP Prisoner Fearing for his Safety

Aaron Madden (Prisoner Number: A7392AQ) got an IPP sentence with a 2.5 year tariff for fighting at the age of 18. After 12 years he is still stuck in the prison system after being moved constantly from prison to prison, without the chance to do the courses he needs to get out.

Why Aaron needs us to take action:

Aaron has come to belive that his life is in real danger. He has complained to guards but they have done nothing. At this prison there has been deaths in suspicious circumstances. Arron resorted to smashing up the sink in his cell so he would be put in segregation and feel safe.

As an IPP prisoner who has an appeal coming up in June it is obvious that he has been pushed to the brink by prison officers failing to keep him safe to act in this way.

He is afraid for his life, and the director of the prison or the staff are doing nothing. It’s not clear if the danger is coming from the staff or other inmates. Even if the danger is from other prisoners, the prison officers are facilitating this threat against him by not putting him somewhere safe. Every time his cell door opens he’s afraid it’s someone that’s come to “do him in”. Whatever is happening, the staff are not keeping him safe by listening to him as he says he’s in danger.

What you can do:

Write or email HMP Lowdham Grange. We have created a template you can find below. We recommend you put this into your own words if possible as it will have more of an impact. Please let Smash IPP know if you’ve written to them so we know people are responding and fighting for Aaron.



HMP Lowdham Grange

Old Epperstone Road



NG14 7DA

Call the Prison and request to speak to the Director (Patrisha Mitchell) about why is the prison not taking steps to protect Aaron’s safety and whether they are going to take action on the issue in the immediate future.

Tel: 0115 966 9200

Template Letter

Dear Patrisha Mitchell,

I am writing with concern about prisoner Aaron Madden who is currently in HMP Lowdham Grange.

He is an IPP prisoner almost a decade over tariff, your establishment has failed their duty of care towards him and he is feeling unsafe in your establishment. After 12 years in prison – this is to be taken very seriously – he has spent his entire adult life in prison and for him to feel that he is in danger in this way needs to be acted on.

He has an appeal coming up and it is a travesty that he has had to resort to smashing up his sink in order to be put into segregation so that he can feel safe. This is having serious consequences for Aaron and his family’s mental well being and is obstructing Aaron’s progression in his sentence. He is serving an indeterminate sentence and denying him access to a place where he feels safe in prison is harming him as he belives his life is in danger not to mention having a knock on effect on his progression and ultimate release.

I ask with urgency for you to rectify this and make sure Aaron is spoken to about his concerns and steps are taken until he feels safe. Any consequences for smashing the sink must be looked at in light of the officers failing to make him feel safe and should not affect his upcoming appeal. I look forward to your written response confirming that as director of HMP Lowdham Grange that you will take action to ensure he feels safe and that the consequences of this neglect does not obstruct his hearing in June.

Yours sincerely,

Your name