Action Alert! Freedom for Ian Hartley

Ian Hartley (Prisoner Number: A9567AF) got an IPP sentence with a 3 year tariff for robbery. His substance misuse issues, that he has had since he was a young child, have lead him to do what he did. After 12 years he is still trapped in the prison system. He faces a Catch-22 situation – before being released he has to get through cat D open prison. The open prison is saturated with drugs and he fears that it will send him into relapse. Ian needs to be in residential rehab outside of prison to stay in recovery. This is our campaign goal and we are asking people to contact his Probation Officer and HMP Risley where he is imprisoned.

Ian’s Family Protesting outside Preston Probation Office

Why Ian needs us to take action:

Ian has a parole hearing coming up in November. Despite him finding a place at a rehab through his area’s social services, the parole board have been hostile to him going there despite him already having gone to Cat D. This is the recovery that he needs on the outside. It has been proven that it’s not appropriate for someone in recovery to be progressing through the pathway of Cat D prisons, which are well known to be saturated with drugs.

Life in prison is taking its toll on Ian – without his partner and family’s support, he says he wouldn’t be alive. Click here to read Ian’s letter.

Ian needs us to act NOW!

What you can do:

Write or email Penny Barker the chief executive of Lancaster & Cumbria Probation voicing your concerns about his situation and that he should be released. You can find a template below but we recommend you put this into your own words if possible as it will have much more of an impact. Please let Smash IPP know if you’ve written to them so we know people are responding and fighting for Ian.


Address: Penny Barker, Chief Executive, 6 Albert Edward House, The Pavilions, Port Way, Preston, PR2 2YB

Template Letter

Dear Penny Barker

I am writing with concern about prisoner Ian Hartley who is currently in HMP Risley.

He is an IPP prisoner almost a decade over tariff, with a parole hearing coming up in November.

It is a travesty that someone as vulnerable as Ian is being failed as a result of the IPP sentence. This is having serious consequences for Ian and his family’s mental well being and is obstructing Ian’s progression in his sentence. He is serving an indeterminate sentence and denying him access to rehabilitation is harming him and putting his life in danger not to mention having a knock on effect on his progression.

I ask with urgency for you to investigate why Ian’s parole officer (Julie Barlow) has not been supportive of him going into residential rehabilitation instead of Cat D. I look forward to your written response confirming that you will take action to put Ian on the right path to recovery and freedom through a residential rehab outside of prison.

Yours sincerely,