ACTION ALERT: Ask your MP to sign EDM 1524

Some MPs have put together an Early Day Motion for IPP prisoners. Please ask your MP to sign.

Find out who your MP is here:

Here is a template letter to help you think about what to write, but it will sound better in your own words. If you have personal experience of the IPP sentence, you can add that. There is lots of information in the Resources section of this website about the sentence.

Dear [First name of your MP]

Please sign EDM 1524 regarding IPP prisoners.

As you know, the IPP sentence was introduced in April 2005, and was designed to detain offenders who posed a risk of serious harm to the public until they no longer posed this risk. IPP offenders must serve a minimum term in prison, and after this they are able to apply to the Parole Board for release.

The sentence was abolished by the Coalition Government in 2012 as it was used too widely and indefinite sentences were found to violate human rights. But this was not applied retrospectively.

At present too many IPP prisoners are trapped in the system with no release date in sight. This is not for safety reasons but because the system lacks the political will to deal with them. Some examples include:

  • Parole hearings are constantly deferred and reports come in late (this is the fault of staff, not prisoners).
  • IPPs are often required to complete courses to prove they are low risk, but often these courses are not available, as determinate prisoners take priority.
  • IPPs are denied parole because of mental health or substance misuse problems which they did not have before they started the IPP sentence but which developed as a result.
  • IPPs are not released as the resources are not available to support them in the community.

All of this is taking a severe toll on the mental health of IPPs and that of their families. The self-harm and suicide rates are higher than that of any other category prisoner.

Furthermore, over 1000 IPPs who were released have been recalled to prison, again predominantly for administrative reasons.

EDM 1524 calls on the government to:

  • speed up the process of release
  • ensure the resources to support people on release so they can resettle safely
    abolish the life licence and replace it with a fixed-term of supervision that ensures support for people on release
  • severely restrict the power to recall to prison for indeterminate sentences for public protection.

[Here you could insert something about what your MP has done in the past and why signing the motion fits with their values. For example, my MP Afzal Khan opposes the indefinite detention of migrants.]

Can I count on you to sign the motion?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name, address and telephone number.]