24th March – Day of Action to Free IPP’s

On the 24th of March, Smash IPP co-ordinated three events across England to free IPP prisoners and to end the life license.

In Manchester a local group that fights prison expansion – No Prisons Manchester leafleted the city center and spoke to people about IPP’s and the link between IPP’s and the new Mega prisons.

In Hull, the local Mad Pride group hosted an event about IPP and the mental health of those serving it and their families and how it links to their struggle. They sent this photo in solidarity on the day of action.

In Thetford, Norfolk whitch is Lizz Truss the Justice secretary’s constituency, campaigners from the DIT Collecive, Anti Capitalist Cambridge and the Incarcerated Workers Organising Comitte went to protest outside to bring the issue to her as she has never  meet with IPP families thus far. Her position is that she does not want to work to cut the prison population and therefore not interested in freeing the IPP’s – our aim is to put pressure on her to change her positon on this by protesting and lobbying her.

Two of us including the relative of an IPP prisoner got in on an appointment and spoke to Liz Truss. As the Justice secretary she had the power over freedom  and endless incarceration for IPP’s, the power of life and death in some cases.

Shirley from the Free Shaun Anton Lloyd campaign passed Truss a letter written by her son about his situation, an example of one of many IPP’s and wy the sould be freed. She said:

“Spoke face to face with The justice Minster Liz Truss today. Had very positive talk with her about the issues that need addressing around the whole state of the IPP sentence. She even asked about the date the London protest/meeting is taking place and wrote it in her diary. Also reacted to my letter about Shaun and will look into his case personally All in all a positive day.”